The title of being the entertainment capital of North Luzon is due to the active nightlife in Angeles City. Its entertainment district comes alive as the sun sets in the west. This area is lined with bars and clubs where one can spend the night partying. The place has been described as asleep during the day and awake at night on more than one occasion - even though there are plenty of great fun and shopping spots around the city as well. Other than partying every night, there are other destinations and things to do in Angeles and around in Pampanga.
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Why Medgar? After 20 years in the military and traveling to over 40 countries, we have experienced sleeping on the ground, cots, C-17 floorboards, no-star dumps, all the way to 5-star hotels in major capitals. There may not be any place like home, but there are little things that can make a difference when you travel. With this in mind, we created Medgar.
Location : 146 Narciso Street, Angeles City Pampanga, Philippines 2009
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Our rooms are especially designed: an area to sit in the large walk-in shower, large area next to the bathroom sink for toiletries, solid granite tile floors, solid granite counter tops for the kitchen and bathroom, solid mahogany furniture, beautiful linens, cooking capability for those with extended stays, and unique ceilings. In our Executive Rooms, we added Lazy-boy chairs and computers. There are many other little things, but you get the message. Our goal is to provide you a room that we would enjoy staying in, whether in was for 1 day, 1 week, 1 month or 1 year! We know you will too! Mabuhay!

Security. Your safety is our priority! In addition to 24 hour security guards, we have included video surveillance on the interior and exterior of the hotel. Visitors are pre-announced and approved by our residents.


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