The title of being the entertainment capital of North Luzon is due to the active nightlife in Angeles City. Its entertainment district comes alive as the sun sets in the west. This area is lined with bars and clubs where one can spend the night partying. The place has been described as asleep during the day and awake at night on more than one occasion - even though there are plenty of great fun and shopping spots around the city as well. Other than partying every night, there are other destinations and things to do in Angeles and around in Pampanga.
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ABC Hotel is gaining world fame for its one-of-a-kind amenities and accommodations that has given it the reputation as one of the finest and most unique luxury hotels in the Philippines.

No other hotel has a better combination of luxury, comfort, and a cheerful, kinetic atmosphere that has earned its reputation for being “The Party Hotel. This unique luxury boutique hotel provides all the ingredients for the best and wildest kinds of parties any pleasure-seeker could ask for. Each room is decorated fit for royalty, with in-room amenities including among others: saunas, steam baths, party Jacuzzi, and party-size beds. Complimentary wifi internet access in all rooms assure guests that they can stay in touch with the real World.

Location : Don Juico Avenue Malabanias, Angeles City, Philippines
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You won't have to chase down some quality R&R time when it's already in the building: with ABC Hotel's wellness spa, top-notch Angeles Beach Café international restaurant, open-air tiki gym, artificial beach pool oasis, and the best bar under the heavens: the SkyBar. The complimentary 24/7 private shuttle service can take you to the hottest sizzling nightlife scenes around town. And if you’re after that one-of-a-kind fantastical experience, ABC Hotel guarantees you the best seat in the house: a cushy chair on board its own helicopter as you are picked up from the airport.

Although all rooms are suites, nowhere else will you find accommodations at such a value.

The ABC hotel offers its famous Suites in various different setups and themes, with the most unique and luxurious features giving you the option to customize your hotel accommodation depending on your holiday fantasy requirements.

Our Suites are available in two general themes: "The Moulin Rouge charm" and "The New Millennium experience." The former combines the comforts of old world charm with modern amenities to create the most comfortable, cozy and luxurious accommodations in a more traditional setup. The 'New Millennium experience' transports you into the future in terms of comfort, design and amenities, creating an almost surreal and futuristic experience through incredible hotel room features and concepts that can't be found in any other hotel on the planet.


The New Millennium Penthouse Suite is not just a grand accommodation, it is an avant-garde, unique and daring concept unlike anything in the world, aimed at creating the ultimate party setup for two or four persons traveling together.

The penthouse consists of 4 bedrooms which interconnects through a spectacular wrap-around 360-degree balcony which boasts of TWO 8-seater private skybars and ample plush outdoor lounge areas allowing you to enjoy the breathtaking views from every angle. The 4 bedrooms are also interconnected through 4 special jacuzzi rooms in a very unique setup in such a way that each of the four jacuzzis are separated with each other only by a glass wall and a connecting door. Each jacuzzi has plasma screen, DVD player, and champagne cooler amenities.

Each separate bedroom has a long cozy sofa that wraps around a large round bed. High ceilings with floor to ceiling glass windows opened by automatic curtains result in an unobstructed view of the magnificent surroundings, and an indoor garden setup with palm trees and tropical plants bringing the exotic tropics inside your Suite. The roof deck helipad means that you can literally land on your roof and enter your room in full privacy.

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